Who did burgess dating on chicago pd

who did burgess dating on chicago pd

Die 10 Schlechteste Folgen von Chicago P. Burgess makes a discovery about a previous case that will change her life forever.

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Die Folge wurde mit 0 Stimmen bewertet. Voight confronts a key witness in the Bingham investigation. Die Who did burgess dating on chicago pd wurde mit Stimmen bewertet.

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Burgess and Roman go undercover to track down a man robbing people by catfishing them on a dating app. Lindsay opens up to Halstead about her past. Source: NBC Die Folge wurde mit Stimmen bewertet.

And Burgess moves the case forward with a series of confidential tips, but risks putting her informant in harm's way.

Hauptdarsteller der Serie Chicago P.D.

When Intelligence discovers the murder is connected to a sting and Burgess' boyfriend is working with the Feds, Burgess must choose between compromising her case or her boyfriend's case. At District, Roman expresses his desires to become a Field Training Office to Platt, and Mouse sets Halstead up with an off-duty security job working for the attractive owner of a medical marijuana clinic.

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Intelligence arrives to take over the investigation and tensions arise as Bob needs to hand over the case to his son and Voight. Lindsay's new gig has her planning a trip to Bolivia for an undercover investigation that could be for an extended amount of time.

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Burgess and Roman realize they need to put past events behind them so it doesn't jeopardize them going forward. Voight asks for the help of Vice Sergeant Sean McGrady who has an old beef with Upton. When McGrady turns up dead during the investigation, the case takes an unlikely turn.

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Meanwhile, Antonio finds himself getting close to Salvadoran Detective Marcella Gomez and Voight learns that the body of his son's killer has been found. Weitere Folgen anzeigen Letzte Aktualisierung: Aug 22, Bemerkungen My favorite show from all the Chicago series.

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Hank Voight is the best. A spin-off that worth as much as the principal show. Surprisingly quite good, at first glance you'd expect a generic cop show but this one is actually enjoyable. Everybody cant be Voight!

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I know weapons, tactical procedures and protocols. For those looking at it for entertainment, it may be exciting and sometimes emotional, but those who look for the techniques language, and processes, this is a really good show to see that. When they make entry into a structure, calling out. Flirten nlp position, radio talk, weapon handling, takedowns Hank Voight has entered the realm of Jack Bauer, John Wick, Leon, Frank Castle, Jason Bourne.

He is truly a badass.

I was not interested in a Chicago police drama, but I ran out of programming to watch on my fire stick so I gave CPD a shot. Voight is a total badass!

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The whole crew is bad ass! So much raspiness in their cafe für singles potsdam The only thing missing is cursing. Who did burgess dating on chicago pd episode 9 in the end Suche nach TV-Serien.

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